Block ads, tracking scripts, anything.

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This product looks really interesting for a more advanced user. With iOS 9 allowing content blockers 1Blocker has built an app that will allow basic ad blocking but also has features so that users can setup and block any content on the mobile web. For example, you can setup a block for all gifs on tumblr. I comes shipped with around 7,000 pre-installed blockers and the company claims that using 1Blocker decreased page loading times and total data downloaded by 50 percent, which means the app can help save battery life as well as cut down on your mobile data traffic. @khanov can elaborate more on the development and future of 1blocker
1Blocker is now available on the App Store. Get it now to save battery and cut mobile browsing traffic in half by blocking ads & tracking scripts. Try it out for free! https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1...
I hope the reason this doesn't have many votes is because it's being purposefully delayed, because this is an amazing product.