18th.me Oil Paintings

Turn yourself into an 18th century oil painting

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Hi everyone! I'm Ted and I recently launched 18th.me, a site that turns you into a hand-painted 18th century work of art! Yes, they're truly custom hand-painted oil on canvas portraits that look just like the original, but with your face! Right now I have 8 different classic portraits to choose from. What other designs or masterpieces would you like to see in the collection? Thanks for your feedback! See an example below:
@teddyespo This is so dope dude. How much?
@lordtylerward Our smallest option (12" x 16") starts at $199! Use coupon code PROHUNT10 to get 10% OFF! Plus FREE shipping in the U.S.! (sales tax only in FL).
@teddyespo Congrats man. If I remember correctly you posted this on Reddit a few months ago right? You bought the business from someone. Looks like you figured out the details.
@irvingtorresyc Not quite. I'm the 2nd owner since then -- had to pick up the pieces and do some rearranging :)
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Adding this to my MUAH collection. It's growing bigger...