15Five Plus

Insights to manage, measure, and retain great employees.

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David Hassell
CEO, 15Five
Excited to be featured on Product Hunt today! 15Five is software that automates the weekly manager/employee check-in, empowering managers to support their employees to do their best work while ensuring that everyone stays focused on the right tasks. Employees answer a handful of questions so that managers can quickly gain key insights that inform where to devote their energy with each team member every week. Managers can log-in and see where employees are succeeding and where they are challenged. They can engage in dialogue to uncover hidden opportunities and offer much needed support. 15Five Plus incorporates the original practice of soliciting regular employee feedback with the laser focus of metrics questions and visual dashboards to easily see trends and discover patterns across your entire organization. Managers can get a sense of how individual teams are doing based on key performance indicators, and company leaders can get a sense of progress by viewing aggregated company-wide data. For example, you can ask employees “How are you feeling?” on a 1-5 scale. When that number trends downward over time, you can go back and review the 15Five submitted during that week when things started slipping. You can view individual responses to qualitative questions like, “Are there any obstacles you are facing and how can I help?” Then you can manage to those people specifically based on their answers. Providing clarity or support to a few struggling employees can raise how everyone feels and performs all over the organization. Many different dashboards and business analytics tools are available, but 15Five allows managers to ask qualitative questions in order to add context and greater depth to the metrics based questions. 15Five Plus combines the best of quantitative and qualitative feedback to inform decisions on the things that matter most. We believe that the best companies and teams create cultures where people are intrinsically motivated to move the company forward towards success. With 15Five Plus, managers have all of the tools needed to bring out the best in their people at work. As a result these teams have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace, and to work together at a high level to achieve extraordinary results.
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Ryan Holiday
Author, Ego is the Enemy
Big fan, as always.
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ceo, writer, event host & angel
I'm super stoked for 15five, which I'm an angel investor in... they are ramping their revenue and help organizations -- big and small -- become better for everyone involved: investors, management, employees and customers. Quicker you can get to the truth, no matter how hard it is, the quicker you can get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off), and increase your chances of success. Millennials need constant validation and want a voice -- heck we all do -- and 15five is a tool that enables that new reality.
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Josh Adams
CTO, DailyDrip
I don't know the team, but I used 15Five at a consultancy with my team and a friend of mine still uses it with his team. It's a great tool. The only problem we ever had with it were problems with team members' seriousness about the data we were trying to gather, but I can't see how the tool can fix that cultural problem! (would be neat if it could though)
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Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
@dhassell looks like a cool upgrade. congrats!
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