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Vertical Videos Made for your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter – anywhere you want to share your story!

Clark Covington
Edison Espinosa
Andrzej Jóźwik
  • Edison Espinosa
    Edison EspinosaFounder @ Foxie, & EJ

    Love it



    They made me a video that everyone that I've shown it to has loved it

    Edison Espinosa has used this product for one week.
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Mihai Serban
Mihai Serban@serbanmd · Digital Product Designer
Missed opportunity to use 50 Cent in the hero image 😞
Oliver Wellington
Oliver WellingtonMaker@oliver_wellington
@serbanmd Didn't want to end up like Ja Rule! 50 is relentless...
Mihai Serban
Mihai Serban@serbanmd · Digital Product Designer
Hugo Villain
Hugo Villain@hypervillain · Product, Poetry
Sometimes it's good to get up early 🙌 I like the proposal and just submitted a request! What's your long-term goal, guys?
@hypervillain Thanks Hugo! Your video should be in your inbox shortly. Long term goal is to build out a more complete marketplace for social media videos
Edison Espinosa
Edison Espinosa@edisonjoao6871 · Founder @ Foxie, & EJ
this was surprisingly good
Darren Nesbitt
Darren Nesbitt@darrennesbitt · A person, Not here to promote (yet)
I've been searching for someone to produce these kintetic-type ads since last year 🙌🏾. I want to test it out for a podcast I manage but the $0.50 makes me very nervous. What will my credit card actually be charged in the end? OR is this just building up your portfolio of work?
@darrennesbitt Thanks for the support Darren! You will be charged $0.50 - we use Stripe so all is secure.
Ken G. Barton
Ken G. Barton@minnotank_k · Pitch your tech startup to investors
I've already saved it, and planning on using it in the future. Thanks for sharing!