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Web3 Product of the Year

The second drop of Golden Kitty Awards finalists is here!

Starting now, you can cast your votes for... 

🤖 AI & Machine Learning 

💸 Fintech 

🛠 Hardware 

🤫 Privacy focused

📎 SaaS

(😻,😻) web3

Voting closes Sunday, January 16 at 11:59 pm PT. Go upvote your favorites HERE.

There is still time to register for the GKA 2021 ceremony on January 27. Be warned, this is NOT your dull, run-of-the-mill awards show – we’ve put together a spec-cat-ular list of guests and entertainment. This includes hosts Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom from The Room Where it Happens podcast, a panel with our very own Ryan Hoover, live music, an after-party in the metaverse, and much more.

❤️ This year’s Golden Kitty Awards are made possible by our sponsor, Flatfile, the onboarding platform for importing customer data in as little as 60s.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the next handful of categories. Now, go choose the best.


We all know and dread the experience of endless back-and-forth, lost screenshots, and context-switching when it comes to product feedback. Today, Iteration X is addressing this by allowing teams to annotate and edit any live website or web app, directly in Chrome.

"Our goal with Iteration X is to bring collaboration directly on the product, where it naturally belongs. We aim to break the artificial barriers around product design and development to enable more people to build great products collaboratively, without wasting a ton of time and energy," maker Mehdi Djabri shares.

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  • Today, Greg Isenberg, CEO of Late Checkout, advisor to Reddit, and co-host of this year’s Golden Kitty Awards (😻) is doing an AMA on all things web3 and community. Join in and ask away!
  • Manganum turns your browser tab into a productive workspace by adding a fully-customized sidebar.
  • Create bite-sized video clips from any Zoom meeting with Listener for Zoom.
  • "Who gets to solve Death?" – a rundown of the two types of “death tech” companies.
  • Listen up, designers – Supernova enables you to build, manage and share design systems by automating tedious tasks.