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January 3rd, 2022

Grocery concierge vs meal kits

How is that healthy eating resolution coming along? You’d be forgiven for struggling this early into the new year. We’ve all been there.

Around this time of year, people look to meal delivery services like HelloFresh or Blue Apron to help them with their goals. If it’s not healthy or home-cooked meals they’re after, it’s salvation from the daily dilemma: what’s for dinner?

Unfortunately, subscribers have been left wanting with current delivery services, including a former VP of Product at HelloFresh.

“As a user myself, I found that the service wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate my personal preferences. It also didn’t relieve me of having to head to the grocery store…” shared Christian Schiller, a co-founder of Kitchenful which launched last week.

Kitchenful can be described as a grocery concierge service, meaning the startup offers its app to help you plan your meals and groceries for the week, rather than sending you a meal kit. Users specify their preferences, and Kitchenful makes recommendations for your weekly meal plan. Then a grocery list is generated and Kitchenful places your order with your local supermarket like Whole Foods or Walmart.

The startup’s approach stands out among a sea of competitors because of how customizable it is. While many meal kits have options for dietary restrictions, options are limited for customizing meal plans.

With Kitchenful, users can choose recipes and add additional products from a grocer’s inventory. The app can also help households reduce waste. Already have onions? You can remove it from the grocery list (which can also lower your grocery bill) and Kitcheful can suggest ideas on what to do with leftover ingredients, too.

Christian and his co-founder, Christian Hartung, are alums from the Summer 2021 batch of Y Combinator startups. Leave your feedback and questions for them below — for example, one commenter has asked for nutritional details on their weekly menu. If you’d like to see that as well, make sure to upvote the comment or add your voice!

To custom meal planning
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