What would be the best job by 2021?


Most of us work remotely. If the company is well organized, it will be a good solution.
Style and Trends
Whatever job that you think is worth it to do.
Bogomil Shopov - Π‘ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ
something related to security :L Product security/ Infosec
Teekay Rezeau-Merah
Any job that you can do remotely and that pays you enough. My ideal job would require 15h of work weekly, 5h/day from monday to wednesday. I'd spend the rest of my time blogging, creating all sorts of content and podcasting.
Lacey Kaelani
web3 jobs are πŸ”₯ rn. We have a discord community dedicated to it :) https://discord.gg/cxab2XsG6M
Bharadwaj Giridhar
Always an entrepreneur!
One where you can develop various skills at once!
Alina Ihnatiuk
software, marketing, digital technology
Ira GI
Launching soon!
Both 2020 and 2021 have proven to be great for the pharmaceutical industry (for obvious reasons). However, from tech side, I guess NFTs are quite the game.
Aurelian Spodarec
GOV. That way you can at least have a meaningful positive impact. You would help billions of people with proper way to run the country/ies.
Rushikesh Kavathekar
Regardless of Year, Problem Solving remains the top most Skill and Job for the year.
The best job in my opinion is one where you have total freedom to be as productive (or unproductive) as you'd like. Having autonomy over what work you do, so you can truly focus on what matters and let your inner motivations drive progress, rather than being told where to spend your time (when you fully 'own' your work, I am of the opinion that you would know best where to put effort when necessary). Yes, there is value in learning from those that do have more experience and you can eventually have a stronger intuition on what work best 'moves the needle', but with a remote / technologically focused world, being an entrepreneur / having autonomy over one's work is ideal.
Lex Bond
I think every job could be the best if you like it every day. I changed 3 companies while i was developing applications and now i decided to develop for my self. Check out my first game, don't judge too quickly please: https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Atalanta Lazarski
I'd say someone who works in business development and sales.
Stacy Bell
I'd say digital marketing. People who work in this area have been in demand even before the COVID pandemic started, but the demand for digital marketers is increasing. Probably software engineers would come second, followed by anything regarding data science and artificial intelligence. I'm actually thinking of applying for a job linked to artificial intelligence, and I'm having my second interview next week. Luckily, I found these fantastic job interview tips https://jobsandcareer.tips that I'll use to prepare for the interview.
I think, since we are not in the most stable state, now the most relevant will be remote work, thanks to which you can work where it is convenient for you. In addition, here you can have a free work schedule and the opportunity to manage your personal time. By the way, I switched to freelancing after I burned out, at an old job due to an irregular schedule. And since this is a fairly common problem, I would like to leave here the article https://anywhere.epam.com/en/how... in which the experts said, how to cope with this condition and return to normal life.