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Last week, we told you we were bringing back Shout-Outs, a place to highlight makers and products that made your year one to celebrate.

Some of us are observing our last day of cheer and rest today, while others have returned back to work. Regardless of which you are, we thought we’d equip you for 2022 with uplifting words of support from your community.

So before we get too far into speculating, analyzing, and hyping up 2022’s most interesting products and makers, take a moment to read a few shout-outs:

@soham_roy4 is one incredible hustler and collaborator I came across. To own a vision and take command of execution is a skill very few have. He excels in both.”

"What a crazy good year 2021 was for makers and the indie community! I thank the crazy NoCode community and especially folks like @thisiskp_ among others who have been super active driving the community."

"A voice for change. He always made me think "what can we do better for humanity?" — @davidsacks. 🤔 And my wife Frances…. Without her, I wouldn't know where which foot goes first."

"This was a big year for the buzzword "web3" and I consider myself at least mildly knowledgeable on the subject thanks to the info from the Odyssey learning DAO."

"Grateful for @samdebrule and @haleymbryant in 2021 - without their support and insights I wouldn't have made the transition into tech and landed a role @producthunt 😺"

"@xianmingchen for inspiring with his wild progress."

It’s not too late to appreciate someone (or something) else — they’ll get a notification when you do, if they’re in the Product Hunt community, too.

Insurance for nomads

With remote work still on the rise, we’re expecting to see more tools to enable digital nomads this year. Enter Insured Nomads.

The team launched World Explorer, an insurance plan that combines remote work support with travel medical insurance for those on short-term trips abroad. Taking modern insurance a step further, maker Andrew Jernigan also shared that later this month, they’re “announcing how payment can be made with cryptocurrency.”

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