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December 21st, 2021

9 products to help you read good in 2022

Not sure about you, but we live in the gray space between mindlessly scrolling and absorbing everything the internet has to offer. We feel good when we’re able to dismiss those iPhone screen time reminders and chalk up at least some of that time to reading.

The problem is, we know much of it doesn’t stick. Time is wasted scrolling past unworthy reads to get to the good ones. And then we don’t always even read the best stuff — thank U headline, next.

Fortunately, this year brought a ton of products that are designed to guide our modern reading habits. Here are 9 of them (time to consider a New Year's reading resolution?)

Alfread: Manage your read-later queue with quick actions for archiving and snoozing using a familiar Tinder-like interface.

ReadBit: Upload or scan books and documents — ReadBit uses NLP to give you the key points of each chapter, tracks your progress, and more.

Thank you for Reading: Get one weekly Substack email digest from your favorite Substack writers.

Dark Reader: Choose a dark, dimmed, or colorful theme for every website on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 15.

Volv: A news app that gives you the latest stories (from election updates to Supreme's collabs) in 9-second reads.

Readwok: Upload your text (e-pub, text, etc.) and read it with progressive reader mode, paragraph by paragraph.

The Juice: Find marketing and sales content relevant to your work with curated lists or by searching by type (eBooks, reports, etc.). Then skip past content gates.

Context Note: Take notes on the web with their context with this Chrome extension that includes a tag system to manage your notes.

Bookstash: Read short ideas from books, podcasts, videos, and other online stuff and keep track of what you read.

Read later — for real

Slidekick is a new AI assistant for your slide decks. It asks you a few questions about the topic of your presentation and then creates content and slides. You get to control this process by approving content slide-by-slide and making edits.

“Slidekick is now in beta and has 1 use-case: startup pitch deck creation,” explained Victor Metelskiy. You know what to do...

Make your pitch deck with AI
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