Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 3rd, 2021

6 newsletters you should know about

Newsletters have done for email what social distancing did for QR codes. Your inbox made a comback from 1990's romcom nostalgia, and is now flexing on Slack and your DMs.

Don’t expect that to change soon. Along with newer tools like the Substacks of the world, Google is the latest big tech player to experiment with newsletters. It's got a new Museletter product in private beta that lets you publish a newsletter or blog from Google Drive (Notion users, try this instead?)

Newsletters aren’t just for niche creators; they’ve changed the way we digest journalism, too. Just look at Morning Brew and Axios, which recently hired 20 new reporters to launch local newsletters in 8 new cities, adding to its 14 existing newsletters.

To be honest, we’re here for it. Newsletters are a great delivery mechanism for the specific information that you care about. They allow for hyper-focus that’s curated by your subscription preferences, which offers a nice alternative to an algorithm.

With that, we bring you these 7 newsletter launches from the last year that our community thinks you should know about:

Unicorner: Up and coming unicorn startups, before they make it big
“Very impressed by the insights and in-depth approach that Unicorner takes”- Audrey Wu

Popcorn: Movie and TV suggestions curated for streaming platforms
“You made a product that can save someone's night!” - Easton Hunter

Munch by Moving: Crypto insights, trends, and analysis
“Robinhood snacks but for crypto, long-awaited!" - Mirza Uddin

Unboxed: Sneakerheads, this is for you
“Amazing newsletter! One of my favorite parts is “best sneakers to buy for retail or less”- Taylor Loren

Every: A writer collective covering productivity, strategy, and more
“Love the writer collective idea… Strength in numbers.”- Nicci Talbot

Tedium: Taking on the questions that “nobody thought to ask”
“It is simply a must-read. The more fascinating bits are his deep dives into the history of things that usually don’t have histories written about them.” - Gregory Bufithis

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