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September 26th, 2021

Startup approaches to combating burnout

You're not the only one feeling it. Professional women, Wall Street bankers, public health workers, and cybercriminals are all the recent subjects of media articles on burnout. In an Indeed survey from earlier this year, 52% of respondents said they felt burnt out, up from 43% pre-Covid.

We’ve seen a few approaches to how makers tackle burnout. Startups like Erudit AI, Cymfo, Kona 2.0 launched earlier this year with tools for managers and leadership to capture data on employee mental health. The latest company-focused product in this space is LEON, a “wellness intelligence platform.”

LEON collects a variety of data and engagement metrics to analyze how an employee is feeling and recommends a “playbook” with quantifiable metrics to drive well-being at work.

“We're using a mixture of Sports Science voodoo, SaaS-driven integrations, and surveys to [recommend the exact playbook... before the whole damn place burns down,” maker Bryan Smith shared.

Other makers target the individual themselves, like Therappy and Holly Health. Therappy launched with its first anxiety course, meant to help master the basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and be available to those who need it 24/7. Holly Health, which we mentioned not long ago when writing about trending iOS apps, is a burnout prevention coach from London-based researchers. It uses personalized recommendations and reminders to nudge you in a healthier direction.

Although not directly tied to burnout, we’d be remiss not to point out Inflow’s launch over the weekend too since adults with ADHD are often diagnosed after a burnout. Inflow is also a self-help app and it helps with ADHD management through five-minute exercises that help implement new skills for managing a daily routine.

Then somewhere in between self-help and top-down help sits products like mello, which collects data on employee wellness through check-ins (via Slack, Teams, Google Chat) and then educates employees with resources to combat burnout.

We aren't biased about what you choose — whatever helps float your boat again. 🤗

The anti-burnout playbook

There are so many amazing backpacks on the market that choosing one is probably the result of a) a split decision from an Instagram ad or b) 5 trillion hours of research.

Reviewr launched Baqpa with a new way to search the world’s popular backpacks. It collects reviews from all over the web, helping to combat confusion from inconsistent information, ads, and fake reviews.

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