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The smart roadmap
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The roadmap that practically writes itself

“What’s on the roadmap?” said pretty much everyone reading this.

If you don’t consider yourself a product maker, we’ll assume you’ve wondered “Awesome, but what’s next?” about something you’ve seen on Product Hunt. That, in essence, is the product roadmap.

Leanbe launched today with a data-driven roadmap generation platform for makers. It covers all three steps of the product development loop: user feedback, analysis, smart road mapping, and notifications to keep users up to date.

Leanbe’s all-in-one solution is “designed in accordance with the Lean cycle methodology which preaches to learn, build, measure, and repeat.” Collection boards track user feedback, enabled with an upvoting system to help with prioritization. Feedback data is then analyzed and Leanbe generates a roadmap for the product.

Users in the community have started submitting their own feedback.

"I like the fact that you didn’t just build the major feature of the product but made it be universal at its core - covering the whole cycle...” - Sona Madoyan

"Quite an interesting idea - all steps in one place! For sure this will help product managers understand what’s effective to build next." - Norayr Margarian

What’s next for Leanbe? Integrating AI into the data analysis process.

Click below to see the tool in action, and leave feedback. If your feedback gets enough upvotes, Leanbe may just put it “at the front” of the roadmap.

Let's speak privately

Brave’s new video calling tool, Brave Talk, is out of beta and ready for the public. It’s built directly into the Brave browser.

“Many other video conferencing providers... monitor calls, metadata, and images, and the records of that data can be sold or shared without user consent,” Brave wrote on its blog.

“Brave Talk users can enable multiple layers of encryption... and our servers don’t save metadata, so calls, images, and activities are never recorded or shared without user consent.”

Keep calm and deliver on

Birth Class is a new app with 3 hours of audio classes to help moms stay calm and comfortable during birth.

“The idea was born after one of my super expensive prenatal yoga classes. You know what? Birth support can and should be available to everybody,” wrote maker Elin Aram.

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Monday through Friday
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