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September 5th, 2021

Brain food 🧠

We’re all content creators. Whether you’re a student writing a research paper, Redditor, or marketing professional, you most likely spend a good chunk of your time organizing your thoughts or research to put something back into the world.

We’ve covered a lot of tools that help with production: video editors, podcast tools, community management — but there’s a big space between having an idea and putting pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. In fact, maybe you don’t even have an idea yet and your content is just a to-do on your checklist.

Here are 4 of the latest tools for stimulating or organizing your thoughts.

Genei - A research tool that pulls together your content (webpages, PDFs, etc.) so you can search, summarize, and keyword it. Genei topped TechCrunch’s list of its “Favorite Startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day.”

DataHerald - A self-service software that lets you leverage the world’s data by creating interactive data visualizations from live data feeds, without coding. “Think Tableau with thousands of pre-populated data sources.”

Research AI - A tool to help students get rid of writer’s block by providing title ideas, paraphrasing, and helping to write paragraphs with text completion.

Heights - These “smart supplements for the brain” are made to help sharpen focus, support deep sleep, and balance mood to soothe stress and anxiety. Cofounder Dan Murray-Serter, explains that unlike other Nootropics (supplements that improve cognitive function), Heights isn’t focused on a quick-fix, but long-term “brain care.” The founding team is supported by advisor Dr. Tara Swart, an Oxford-trained doctor and neuroscientist.

Though it's unrelated to today's topic, the second startup on TC's list was Playhouse. We covered the "Zillow meets TikTok" app here.
The one that won demo day

Product Hunt events are back!

We're bringing our community together once again (safely) with an incredible community event in the heart of Soho on September 14. Come and meet our new CEO Ashley Higgins and other members from our team. We’re also celebrating the launch of HYPER and will hear from Shahed Khan, founder of Loom — a person who knows about creating traction through a Product Hunt launch.

You’ll need to register ahead of time to help us ensure a safe and smooth event.

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