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August 31st, 2021

Let AI cut you the perfect track

As Rick says,"good music comes from people who are relaxed."

Historically, it's been hard to do that in an industry that's slow to change and even glamorizes a tough grind. Fortunately, music artists are finally getting their fair share of recognition with the creator renaissance, and new self-service tools are empowering a new generation of independent artists. Here are a few of the latest.

Musixmatch Pro

The makers behind Musixmatch have been launching on Product Hunt for the last seven years. You might use the Musixmatch app for playing music with lyric visualizations. Or, you may be using Musixmatch on Spotify without knowing it — the company started powering Spotify’s real-time lyrics globally last year.

Now, the company has entered into distribution. Musixmatch Pro is a one-stop, self-service shop for artists where they can verify music credits, claim and administrate copyrights, distribute music, and get paid.


There are two parts to music discovery – when the fans discover it, and when the industry professionals do. The second one usually requires secure file sharing. The problem Byta solves might not seem tough — sending, receiving, and listening to music files. Turns out, it’s not that simple (enter: costly music leaks).

Byta enables secure and efficient file sharing, claiming it's “the only [file sharing] platform which takes advantage of audio files' unique properties” like embedded metadata. Those aspects are as crucial for bedroom artists as they are for big labels when sharing. (You can also read more about Byta’s journey from a bootstrapped to VC-backed company on our blog).

Mubert Render

If you’ve ever had to dig through tons of audio stock files to find music for projects like videos or a website, you know it's a time-consuming process to find the perfect fit. Mubert Render launched today with a new tool that makes music tracks with the exact length, mood, and genre you need with the help of AI.

That sounds like a double whammy for music artists and creators who need audio for their projects.

The perfect soundbite

Yesterday, MicroAcquire founder Andrew Gazdecki launched a new publication dedicated to bootstrapping founders.

Frustrated with the lack of major media coverage for bootstrapped companies, Gazdecki has been on a mission to help more get seen.

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