Musixmatch 7.0

The all-new lyrics app — completely redesigned

#2 Product of the DayDecember 19, 2017

Musixmatch 7.0 has been rethought from the ground up: it’s got powerful new features and a beautiful new design that makes your lyrics experience even more fun!

You can now add some magic to the lyrics visualization customizing the background color and choosing a brand new display mode that let you follow the lyrics word by word

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  • Pros: 

    User Interface is clear and tidy, perfect text timing, user experience is really good.


    No one

    Used for more than 3 years now.

    Sebastiano Giuseppe Garilli has used this product for one year.
  • Anush Fernandes
    Anush FernandesSelf Professed AI and Chatbot Geek.

    Clean, smooth, efficient. Major upgrade over what I was using before.


    A dark theme?

    I used Genius before this, probably won't anymore.

    Anush Fernandes has used this product for one day.


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Alessandra 🐟
Alessandra 🐟Maker@alessandra_izzo · Marketing Manager, Voxnest
Big thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt! And hey everyone Alessandra here, Marketing and Community Director of Musixmatch and I’m thrilled to share the brand new version of the Musixmatch app today. Over the last few years, we’ve made a number of changes to our apps, as part of an ongoing mission to help our users get the most out of their music displaying synchronized lyrics for any song playing. We launched multilingual lyrics translations first, to overcome language barriers and let people understand songs across language, and Spotify integration later, for a seamless control of the music without even leaving the app. In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that the version 7.0 of the Musixmatch app has a new, improved altogether more intuitive design, making recommended and personalized content just a tap away and all lyrics experience even more fun. There are so many things that are new in 7.0 and here’s what you can expect from it: 1.New Home for your recommended content 2.New colorful and immersive lyrics experience 3.Seamless connection with your music 4.Centered space for our Community 5.Beautifully redesigned FloatingLyrics™ for Android For those new to the Musixmatch world, here’s a rundown of what you can do on both iOS and Android apps: - Get synchronized lyrics for all your music - Discover multilanguage translations for the lyrics you love - Enjoy a seamless integration with Spotify and Apple Music - Identify the lyrics of the music playing around you - Have fun with the FloatingLyrics that overlays on top of your apps (Android only) Excited to get Musixmatch 7.0 in your hands and to hear your feedback, so please share your thoughts and ideas with the team! Love, Musixmatch
Giuliano Ambrosio
Giuliano Ambrosio@juliusdesign · Creative Strategist @AQuest
Great work! Amazing team ;)
Pierpaolo Di Panfilo
Pierpaolo Di PanfiloMaker@pierpanfilo · Product @Musixmatch
@juliusdesign 🙏 thanks, we're glad you like it!
Alessandra 🐟
Alessandra 🐟Maker@alessandra_izzo · Marketing Manager, Voxnest
@juliusdesign thank you! 🙌
Giulio Michelon
Giulio Michelon@giulio_michelon · CEO, Belka
Go Italy!
Alessandra 🐟
Alessandra 🐟Maker@alessandra_izzo · Marketing Manager, Voxnest
@giulio_michelon Thank you for your support! 🙌
Andrea Cau
Andrea Cau@andrea_cau · Product Designer @ Oval Money.
I had a chance to be a beta-tester and the only thing that I can say it’s that when you have a top notch design team you can only deliver this type of masterpiece. Congratulations guys!
Max Ciociola
Max CiociolaMaker@maxciociola · CEO musixmatch
@andrea_cau Agree and thank you ! ;-)
Andrea Cau
Andrea Cau@andrea_cau · Product Designer @ Oval Money.
@maxciociola You’re welcome Max!
Luiz Henrique Coelho
Luiz Henrique Coelho@luizhrocha · Luiz rocha, Rocha Jarude
This design and functionality with chords and tabs would be a killer app