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A bet on Zoom
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Personalizing your meetings

Zoom solidified itself as an incumbent in the video space last year. Even after facing security issues early in the pandemic, and a sticky association with virtual fatigue (“ Zoom Gloom”), the company pressed on to launch Zoom Apps earlier this year.

We’ve written here and there about Zoom apps and tools. One of the newest is Macro, a Zoom client built for self-expression. Macro’s concept of “bringing your full self” plays out in features from quirky filters to Airtime, which helps nudge you towards inclusivity by signaling which participants are getting less time with the mic.

Macro launched its proof of concept a year ago, and today its Product Hunt launch debuts with a narrowed purpose and improvements based on user feedback.

“Talking with early Macro users helped us realize that what made Macro really valuable wasn't the note-taking and the slight productivity bump.... It was how it made them *feel* during the meeting,” co-founder Ankith Harathi shared.

To support self-expression, Macro is honed in on personalization. In an article for Product Hunt, Harathi shared why his team doubling down on personalization led to forming an opinion about who would “win” the video space.

“Zoom has crushed it as an app, on its way to becoming a platform, and we believe it will become the protocol winner in this space, ” he wrote.

While we’ve been impressed by a number of new video tool launches (like Butter and Sessions), Harathi’s explanation of the video landscape and creating “opinionated software” in the video space is worth a read.

You can read it here and check out the full list of features 👇.

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Monday through Friday
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