Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 22nd, 2021

It's over

"Zoom gloom" is over. Or things are looking up, at least.

You probably saw that Zoom publicly launched Zoom Apps on Wednesday. Product lead, Ross Mayfield, kicked things off on Product Hunt with insights into the product thinking.

Zoom Apps brings experiences, from project management to games, directly into Zoom.

What you maybe missed is all of the great apps that launched in tow. We compiled them to give you a glimpse of what you can add, on the fly, to your meetings.

Avoma Assistant - Use AI to automate and categorize your note taking

Hive Notes - Collaborate on notes and track tasks in-meeting

Polly - Enable instant engagement like Q&A, icebreakers, and feedback

Funtivity - Virtual activities like trivia, scavenger hunts, and escape rooms

Miro App - Collaborative white boarding — for anyone, not just Miro users

Allo - Collaborate visually with whiteboards, kanbans, and more

Zoom With Me - Custom, snazzy-looking thumbnails for your meeting

Fellow’s App - Keep your agenda and meeting notes on hand

Dot Collector - Collect real-time feedback and polls

Expect a lot more to come.

And, pro-tip, it's not an app but you can also bring joy to your meetings by adding your furry friends.

To the apps

Here are the launches that just caught our eye.

✈️ Coding Tool: Today’s launch of Airplane lets you quickly convert a Python/JS script, SQL query, or REST endpoint into a lightweight app

Houseware: This clock called Tidbyt kind of looks like a Light Brite but will track Dogecoin or the weather.

🗺️ App: Learn history visually through maps with HistoryMaps.

#️⃣ Extension: Hover over a LinkedIn Hashtag to instantly learn how many people are following it.

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