Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 17th, 2021

The next #1 browser?

Your browser may be your most used tool at work that’s not actually built for your work.

“Why aren’t companies who make browsers fixing obvious problems that prevent us from being more productive and enjoying our work more? [Because] knowledge workers make up just 1-2% of their user bases.” Dmitry Pushkarev shared on Product Hunt.

So competition among neo-browsers has been heating up. Pushkarev’s Sidekick and Suhail Doshi’s Mighty and are two notable new products from the last year, filling the void that legacy browsers (RIP Internet Explorer) left.

Sidekick’s answer is a browser built atop Chromium, featuring a UX built for working with apps and clutter control. Mighty’s launch was hyper-focused on speed. Both took #1 Product of the Day spots on Product Hunt launch day and have gained steam.

Now a new browser, SigmaOS, has thrown its hat in the ring with a “radically different UX.”

“It's built around workspaces and multitasking… Your browser activity is separated into workspaces — one workspace per project,” founder Mahyad explained.

The makers looked to Vim, Slack, Notion, and the defunct Rockmelt for UX inspiration. Like Sidekick, SigmaOS workspaces help to organize your pages and apps. Other features include the ability to snooze pages, split your screen, and instantly share links across apps. SigmaOS is built using the WebKit engine.

Maker Sarav Mitra admits the product may not be particularly appealing to browser extension power users who have refined their perfect setup, but the browser can be a one-stop-shop for others.

Will SigmaOS be the next #1 browser? You decide. 👇

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