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Knowledge is money

Quora became the latest company to announce monetization tools for creators last week.

“We want to make sharing knowledge more financially sustainable for creators.” Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo said on the company’s blog.

Creators have two money-earning options with the new Quora+ product. They can join an earning program where writers get paid for member's reading time, or be included in Quora's subscription bundle where members pay $5 per month or $50 per year.

Quora is following in the footsteps of big tech companies that are building tools for the creators already on their platforms, but we’ve seen a couple of innovators identifying new and unique gaps in this space. We just mentioned the launch of Mentorcam last week which enables high-profile experts to share their knowledge in a manageable way. Ghost Knowledge launched in June, which collects pledges to fund articles from experts who don’t normally publish. The top article request has more than 50 pledges.

More people have the opportunity to grow passion careers, side-projects, and personal brands than ever before. That doesn’t equate to having the resources to be fulfilled and successful. We compiled ten of the most useful tools we’ve seen launch for creators so far this year.

MediaKits - Link your accounts to highlight your reach, top posts, and more in minutes
Creators Toolkit - A collection of 250+ tools for all types of creators
Spore - All-in-one website builder for engaging and sharing with fans
LeadDelta - Connections manager built for creators
Clarity - List of mental health resources for musicians and creators
Setups - Wesbite of creator workspaces and equipment for inspiration
Flowbo - A funding system for creators to provide predictable revenue
Musixmatch Pro - All-in-one platform for musicians to verify claim copyrights, distribute, and more
Gigs - All-in-one platform for video creators
Open Benchmarks for Instagram - Tool to help creators see how their stats stack up

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