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Airbnb's Ghost platform
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Airbnb's Ghost Platform

Airbnb iterates fast. A recent blog from Ryan Brooks, a software engineer at Airbnb, gave us a look under the hood.

The emerging technique the company uses is server-driven UI (SDUI) and it’s used by other large companies too, like Spotify and Facebook.

“In a traditional world, data is driven by the backend and the UI is driven by each client (web, iOS, and Android),” Brooks explained. To show Airbnb’s listings page, for example, data might be pulled from the backend and then transformed by the client to show you the user interface with the listings.

SDUI allows engineers to pass the UI and data together natively — "the client displays it agnostic of the data it contains." That means makers can update their app's UI without requiring an App Store update.

Sounds likes a great strategy! But maybe you don’t have the resources Airbnb does. Enter Judo, a new no-code solution.

Judo is a Mac app for building native mobile interfaces without code that enables server-driven UI. It launched on Product Hunt last month. “This is game-changing for parts of your app that require continuous iteration like your app’s onboarding, or ephemeral content such as marketing or promotional campaigns,” Judo co-founder, Sean Rucker, explained.

The comments section speaks for itself.

“Amazing product! It's a trip building native app experiences from a WYSIWYG dashboard.” - Rory Kane

There are even more benefits to SDUI. Get a deeper dive into Judo and Airbnb’s “Ghost Platform” using SDUI on the launch page.

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