Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 1st, 2021

One UI for all your SaaS

One search for all your SaaS tools — sounds efficient, doesn’t it?

A new work hub launched on Product Hunt recently called Qatalog with “a new kind of work infrastructure” that brings projects and tools together under a single user interface. The launch follows a $15M Series A raise in October.

We see a lot of tools that claim to eliminate time spent switching between apps to look for stuff (information, files, goals, people, etc.), but at their core most are still separate SaaS tools. As a result, efficiency benefits only really kick in when your team has migrated all users and knowledge bases, which can be a years long process and a gamble.

Qatalog is interesting in that it doesn’t try to replace your mish mash of tools with its own. Founder and CEO Tariq Rau (ex-Amazon and ex-Wise) told TechCrunch that Qatalog is creating one source of truth for your workspaces powered by a "work graph" under the hood. Search is one of the primary uses and benefits – others include project management functions, OKR tracking and management, and automating processes across tools.

A single source of truth is a large promise. Rauf explained that Qatalog pulls as much information from your SaaS tools as possible, and asks for additional information as needed. So far, Qatalog has single-click integrations with many SaaS favorites plus a couple that surprised us, like Clubhouse.

You can find a list of integrations and a link to request what you don’t see on their site.

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