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July 21st, 2021

Throw these out with the 70s

This newsletter was crafted by us, and sponsored by our friends at Magic.

Password security is notoriously insecure — 59% of people reuse their passwords everywhere and 81% of all breaches are due to passwords. No big deal. 🤦‍♂️

Then why do so many of the sites and apps we use rely on it? Partly because it’s been the standard since the 70s, and partly because building authentication from scratch is a lot to unpack.

Magic launched a fix for that. The Magic SDK lets makers build passwordless logins with a few lines of code.

Companies like Slack and Substack have been using passwordless authentication for a while. Now Magic makes this tech accessible for everyone, but with blockchain-based encryption that’s decentralized so no one but you can access your data. With Magic, every single user is issued a blockchain key pair, enabling advanced developers to use blockchain and crypto to build future-proof and innovative applications.

Magic first launched last year, and has just closed a $27M Series A led by Northzone. Beyond democratizing passwordless logins, its decentralized approach to identity piqued the interest of investors like Balaji Srinivasan, Naval Ravikant, and Ryan Hoover.

Makers in the Product Hunt community were excited about it as well:

“Wow this is so exciting! I hope this starts a new industry standard in the near future.” - Louis Xu

“Great work! We've integrated Magic,… and it makes getting started w/ new users a breeze.” - Felice Feng

“I first saw the magic link [concept] on Slack and really nowhere else. This seems pretty intuitive. Great job!” - Omid Borjian

We’re ready to forget passwords altogether, too.

Let’s make magic
Launches, launches. Read all about them.
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  • Stripe for former soviet union countries: See the launch of Payze.
  • SaaS blocks for Tailwind: Copy & paste Tailwind components with a clean UI for your SaaS site.
  • See the Ready Player Me Hub for your avatar for the metaverse i.e works in 300+ apps/games.
  • The book lovers have arrived. Oku is currently trending.
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