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July 14th, 2021

Points for PlayStations

We don't know about you, but saving money doesn't really come to mind when thinking about gaming. These recent launches can set you up nicely.

Mythia is a debit card that gives gaming rewards. If rewards cards turn you off, we get it. The founders do too. Derek Pankaew shared:

"When I was 22, I started “travel hacking”, i.e. using airline miles to fly all over the world for free. As I did, I realized just how convoluted and confusing airline miles are, and thought there had to be a better and more fun way to do card rewards.”

Mythia was designed to feel like a video game itself, with weekly challenges (e.g. save $50 this week) and randomized rewards — no transfering points or searching for qualifying rewards flights. The name may sound oddly familiar since the startup first launched 8 months ago. It's re-emerged with a new approach (it's a debit card now, for starters) and name post Y-Combinator.

Hardware Hacks
Eyeware Beam turns your iPhone into a head and eye tracker for your Windows PC. With your app open while you play, the technology uses computer vision, AI, and 3D cameras (on your iOS device) for tracking. Cofounder Kenneth Funes said:

“We believe this is a game-changer (literally), as you can take advantage of a device that is in your pocket, instead of buying extra hardware.”

Funes notes a few uses for Eyeware Beam that range from improving your gameplay to better influencer content for streamers.

GamerPay launched yesterday for people to trade gaming skins and assets safely via an integration with Steam. Cofounder Martin Lykke Suhr started working on the product after seeing gamers scammed regularly. He shared:

“We are gamers ourselves or parents to minors who game. So our biggest motivation is to be the safe destination for young and old gamers to trade - safe enough that the parents of young gamers even encourage it.”

Let the savings begin.

Unlock a 🎁

While we’re on the subject of hacking your camera instead of buying new hardware...

Detail turns your iPhone camera and Mac into a production studio. The Product Hunt community is already trying it out.

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