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July 11th, 2021

Should we add Stories to the app?

The tech world is seeing rainbows over the news of a unicorn frenzy — 136 new unicorn startups in Q2 2021 (for comparison: all of 2020 birthed 128 unicorns 🤯, via Crunchbase). We’re thrilled too, but we’re just as giddy about… launches and cats!

Q3 started off with a bang. First, that tl;dv video cracked us up. Then InAppStory came to play with a launch that included a Product Hunt-themed game.

InAppStory first impressed us with a cold pitch tweet that got our attention.

Beyond excellent personalization in the video, InAppStory has a solid offering. The platform enables makers to integrate Stories, including interactive ones, directly into their apps ("like on Instagram, but better"). Maker Vladmir Lastovsky wrote:

“When I found that there were around 5 million mobile apps in 2020, I was shocked. They struggle with low retention, in-app engagement, and don't give the audience what it loves – good content.”

The official launch video goes on to explain that 62% of apps don’t get used every month. InAppStory is working to fix this by making it easy to add great content, widgets, and games into apps to increase engagement and conversion.

They created Cat Hunt to give us all a peek at the kind of interactivity you can accomplish within InAppStory’s framework. It was enough to convince many in the community that Product Hunt should add stories to our mobile app.

Will we do it? We shall see. In the meantime, waste a bit of time with a game of Cat Hunt.

Play Meeeoow

The Swap Cap caught our eye last week with its magnetic swap system.

The maker shared that the team is also working on a platform where creators can make their own unique designs to swap in and out.

Make the switcheroo
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