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July 5th, 2021

The sports app for Gen Z

A gen Z-style approach to sports viewing has arrived.

This year we’ve seen dating and social launches from makers who’ve recognized that existing technology doesn’t satisfy the way Gen Z prefers to share, consume, and interact. Now ephemeral, short-form (and may we say, more joy-inducing) content is coming to sports.

Over the weekend, Buzzer launched — a new way to tap in and watch your favorite sports moments live.

With Buzzer, people can follow their favorite sports stars or teams. They’ll get a notification when it’s time to catch a buzzer-beater moment and can watch it live. Live broadcast snippets start at 99 cents each. Longer streaming access is made available for specific events as well. Maker Noah Chestnut explained that sports fans no longer have to wait around, glued to the TV wondering what’s going to happen.

In an article posted by the makers, Buzzer CEO Bo Han told Bloomberg:

“We envision Buzzer becoming the discovery and curation tool that brings Gen Z fans back to live sports with simple access to ephemeral moments."

The new approach has gained the startup a $20M Series A with a gambit of investors including sports stars themselves like Naomi Osaka, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky.

Outside of Gen Z, the accessibility of lightning-in-a-bottle moments at your fingertips can appeal to any generation, which is helping NFTs gain early success among sports fans too (albeit, digital ownership and ephemeral content are somewhat contrasting concepts). Today, access to sports viewing is costly, hard to find, or requires an un-personalized subscription bundle. Investors are hoping to claim over $75 billion in value in the live sports market in the U.S. alone (it appears the app is only in the US for now).

Founded in 2020, Buzzer is launching on Product Hunt with partnerships with the NBA, NHL, and PGA. The new funding is expected to help expand such partnerships, as well as grow the team and improve the app’s social features.

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