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June 21st, 2021

A new app from Justin Kan

“I think of habit formation as filling a bucket one drop at a time. Building that infrastructure, rather than building yourself up.”

That’s what Twitch co-founder Justin Kan told us about his approach to building healthy habits.

If you have trouble with habits, you’re not alone. It’s a common topic of discussion we see in the Product Hunt community and we all have our own stories to tell. Kan’s story included hitting a rock bottom moment and looking to exercises in meditation to find his way to his way out.

When he was worried he’d fail, he turned to Twitter and asked his followers to help keep him accountable — a kind of building in public, only building on your self infrastructure. That started his journey to launching Kin today, a social habit-forming app.

“I've been on a quest to improve my mental and physical well-being so I can present the best version of myself to the people around me. Amongst other things, this quest led me to start building Kin with @amittm, @damienkan, and @omarjalalzada.”

Kan and Omar Jalalzada, two of the co-founders, talked to us about their own unique journeys to understanding what drives successful habit formation (read more here). Kin’s goal is to help you create long-lasting changes and the makers have wrapped their learnings so far into the app, building off of concepts like breaking down your habits and even self-acceptance. Along with tracking, Kin bakes in accountability with chats and courses to help you learn about habit formation.

Chances are that you’re working on a habit right now, whether it’s reading more, exercise, working on your side project, or something else. Join us on Twitter Spaces today at 4pm PST to ask Kan and Jalazada about their expertise on building habits. Can’t make it? Drop your questions here.

The Kin team has also asked the Product Hunt community for feedback on the app, so don’t forget to share yours.👇

Build habits together

Who will get the Silver Kitty? You pick!

Earlier this month we announced that we were launching a summertime Makers Festival focused on Mother Earth. We asked you to create products for a greener future and gave you about a week to do it.

The result?

  • An app to share your unused yard as farmland
  • Gamification for building eco-friendly habits
  • A fridge that grows fresh food
  • Ephemeral blogging to produce less energy waste

See them all, then decide.

We dropped our loveable NFT with our friends at Enjin! Get it now for free.
"This is Product Hunt's maiden voyage into non-fungible territory, and true to form, the project is one of the earliest uses cases of Enjin-powered rich media NFTs."
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Sorry, to our knowledge, you won’t actually be owning a piece of Mars that holds up across galactic borders but you can claim any one of 10,000 collectible Mars parcels with a new NFT project called Mars Genesis.

The project seems akin to the International Star Registry except that your proof of ownership is stored on the Ethereum blockchain rather than a piece of paper. Premium cards could include something like a SpaceX landing site

Speaking of owning history, ICYMI, we minted our first NFT! Yes we're biased, but it's probably the most lovable thing on the blockchain. Get yours for free before they run out.

To Mars