Buy crypto, follow the top investors and copy their trades

For over a decade, eToro has been an innovator in the global fintech revolution.
Anyone using eToro can easily trade & invest, copy the leading traders, as well as be copied and earn a second income.
Today, eToro is officially launching its service in the U.S.
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Hello Product Hunters! We are super excited to finally launch eToro in the US. I'll be more than happy to answer any question and get your feedback here.
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@talbensimon when will users be allowed to transfer bitcoin to their own wallets?
@iamabirdlawyer Hi Pawel, eToro users can already transfer bitcoin to the eToro Wallet, subject to our gradual rollout and eligibility rules.
"Get a $100,000 virtual portfolio to practice your strategy" Clever way to onboard people that can't afford to invest or don't have the risk appetite to do so.
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@rrhoover That's great. Etoro is one of the best there.
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@rrhoover Indeed, although it has to be said that pretty much every trading platform offers some sort of sandbox tool these days.
I have been using eToro for a few years now. By far they have a superior experience, ease of use and superb customer support.
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I have been using eToro since 2010 without problems, my portfolio has grown more than double the expected value that I initially calculated.
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Best product in the world to invest. Easy, fun and great UI. Lucky you, America
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