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May 10th, 2021

11 ways to become a Figma master
We love stories about individuals who’ve chosen to share their knowledge with their community.

Figmaster is just that. It’s a new paid workbook plugin that helps individuals or design teams structure and update their Figma skills with an end product of a style guide and component library. Maker and product designer Mateusz Wierzbicki created the exercises to help others build a modern design system from scratch.

“My time is limited, so I can't help everyone. However, I always dreamed about creating an educational resource to share my knowledge about the design systems and workflow in Figma.”

Taking stock of the inventory in your plugin treasure chest is smart prep for any Figma master. We rounded up ten trending plugins from this year so far, for Figma and the company's new collaboration whiteboard, FigJam.

Phigma - Templates for your Product Hunt launch images

Stratum UI Design Kit - Universal kit for everyday interface work

Nucleus UI - Another UI component library

Elevation Scale - Shadow design system tool

QR Coder - QR code generator tool

Scribe - Tool for creating data-driven graphics

5,000+ Illustrations by Artify - Illustrations to search and import

Stratum Wireframe Kit - Component library for FigJam wireframing

Daily Task Prioritizer - Templates to help you plan in FigJam

Paywall Screens - Categorized paywall screens with template
Become a Figmaster
“Efinity will help the entire NFT space to evolve into a true decentralized metaverse.”

Enjin has been working to maximize the utility of NFTs and began transforming this space long before most people had heard the term "NFT."

We spoke to Witek Radomski, cofounder of Enjin, about how Enjin came to be a leader in the NFT and gaming spaces, and learned more about the ecosystem he and his team are building to power a cross-chain metaverse.

Dive into the metaverse.

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