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April 29th, 2021

Help India’s Covid crisis with these community initiatives
India is experiencing a major health crisis. COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing and relief in many places is still out of reach.

Product Hunt’s community support manager Aditya Choudhary told our team “The situation is really grim in the sense that there is a total collapse of health administration. But, the civil society has shown resilience and people have come together to support each other in numerous ways.”

In response to the crisis we’ve seen makers across the community rally to launch products that can help.

The Product Folks (an Indian community of product enthusiasts) and Cope Studio have just launched a website and app with a directory of resources to contribute to verified causes. As a thanks for your donation, they’re offering the opportunity to chat with some of India’s best product builders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Even if you are not a maker, the product is an excellent resource to find ways to contribute.

Another initiative is Fable’s NFT Fundraiser. Each crypto collectible for sale has been minted by an artist who has pledged their work towards COVID relief efforts in India. All proceeds go to CryptoRelief, an initiative by Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon.

These 5 additional community-driven projects are also available to cut through the noise of information on social media and get the help where it's needed faster.

CovidTweet - Filters recent tweets and extracts calls-to-action, like a call button to find verified sources of oxygen and beds

Twitter Covid Resources - Search tweets by city and filter topic (e.g. ventilators, tests)

Help India Fight Covid: A straight-forward compilation of resources shared on Twitter

Hyderabad Covid Resources - Emergency resources for Hyderabad

Verified Covid Leads - 200 volunteers are working together to power this app of resources for Delhi NCR & Maharashtra

If you’re not in India, these initiatives can be shared for others who may find them useful, and if you are able, consider donating to a verified cause.
Donate to India’s Covid Relief
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