Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 31st, 2021

We didn't see this pivot coming.
Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at JotForm.

JotForm has been in the form game for fifteen years now. What started as a WYSIWYG form builder, turned into a friendly UI with the power to build, customize, collaborate, and integrate forms with tools like Stripe and Salesforce. JotForm was even the first to give us a full-featured form builder on mobile four years ago.

That’s why we were surprised yet excited to hear about their latest pivot. 😉

Jotform has announced that they’ve taken a step back from online forms and data management tools to focus on a new, and noticeably tangible, product: JotForm Tables.

JotForm Tables are state-of-the-art workspaces. The company’s founder Aytekin told us that since JotForm is all about ways to boost productivity no matter where you work, tables are not really a big departure from the company’s mission. He believes the right work table can make all the difference.

JotForm Tables are the first in an upcoming line of cutting-edge products designed to supercharge your productivity.

What does JotForm bring to the Table?

📱 Bluetooth compatibility
💦 Waterproof finish to take on the unexpected
🧳 Mobile capabilities for maximum productivity anywhere
🦵Industry-leading 38.5 inches of leg clearance
🔥 Temperature-controlled top panel
🔩 Screws made of indestructible reinforced titanium
👨‍💻 A solid foundation for your workspace
🛏️ A place to lay your head when you get duped

JotForm is taking pre-orders and expects to sell out quickly.
see the buzz on jotform tables
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