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February 14th, 2021

The next Instagram?
Tech-Twitter was all about the new version of Dispo this weekend, David Dobrik's camera app that elicits nostalgic feelings associated with using a disposable camera.

The app launched on Product Hunt last year, originally called Disposable, with the latest version being released this weekend in beta and requiring an invite to access on Testflight.

So what is it? Dispo is a camera app for iPhone with a pretty bold design that's meant to mimic the delayed gratification of getting photos developed, while not actually needing to get anything printed out.

After taking your snaps, you have to wait for the rolls to develop before you can see them in the app. For anyone that remembers the thrill of getting your vacation photos developed IRL, you'll get the anticipation that builds here. Unlike getting your negatives back from the drugstore, however, on Dispo, the photos look great even if you’ve taken a crappy shot - meaning you don't need to be a photography student to share a cool-looking snap.

The biggest new addition to the latest drop is shared rolls. Think of it like a collaborative photo album that develops new pics every morning at 9 am. Nobody, even the photographer, can see the photos until then. This social element is interesting and draws comparisons to IG and other image-based social networks.

Could Dispo become the next Instagram? The jury's out for now but we're excited to test it out and join some of your rolls.
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