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January 31st, 2021

Elon Musk said what?
Elon Musk joined Golden Kitty Product Of The Year 2020 winner, Clubhouse, for the first time last night (10 PM PST) for a live interview with the Good Time Show. Clubhouse's previous room limit of 5,000 was tested and multiple side-rooms opened for those unable to get into the official room.

Elon was asked what life will be like on Mars (tough and his kids have no desire to go), his taste in TV shows (Cobra Kai got a mention), AI and Neuralink, education for 5-year-olds, memes (he has 'meme dealers'), self-driving cars, and, of course, crypto. He's a late supporter of Bitcoin and seemingly long on Dogecoin as he quipped, "the most entertaining outcome is the most likely," among a handful of other topics.

In an unexpected twist, Musk asked for Vlad Tenev to become a speaker in the room and proceeded to interview the Robinhood (a previous Golden Kitty winner) CEO over the recent Game Stop debacle.

Tenev gave some behind-the-scenes knowledge into the inner workings of financial systems while Elon pressed him, "The people demand an answer."

Tech Twitter timelines are ablaze with interview commentary today, with some speculating that Elon may even now appear in other unannounced Clubhouse rooms fuelling further excitement about the app.

We were lucky enough to hear directly from Clubhouse cofounder Paul Davidson in the Golden Kitty afterparty last week on his own excitement about the social audio space and its future. We'll certainly be spending more time there. For those already on Clubhouse, follow the Product Hunt community for updates on when we'll be chatting next (we'll try to get more invites soon for those not yet in).
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