Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 13th, 2018

Let's go on a date?
Dating apps have forever changed modern dating customs, a process that typically starts by downloading an app, creating a profile, and swiping left and right hundreds of times. 😵

Before Tinder invented swiping technology, people used to build up the courage to walk up to people and ask, “Would you like to go on a date sometime?"

It's been less than a month since Lucy Guo and Jarred Sumner launched the Apply to Date MVP on Product Hunt. Thousands of singles signed up. Hundreds of future couples went on dates. Today, Apply to Date is launching on iOS, so you can find your next date on the go.

How to find a date: Signup and add your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social profiles so your future partner can get to know you better; add a brief bio and description of what you’re looking for; then share your “ for dating” profile with the internet.

Bonus Points: People have been adding their Apply to Date page as the one and only link in their Twitter/Instagram bio. 😛
Apply to Date

When Equifax leaked millions of people's private information, Stanford junior and DoNotPay founder Joshua Browder jumped to action, launching a chatbot that let you sue Equifax.

Last week, a number of plaintiffs won in small claims court, each receiving ~$6,000 each from the credit monitoring giant, no lawyer required.

Today, Joshua launched his newest robot lawyer, which gets you paid when the price drops on flights and hotels. It's 100% free 🏨😘