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September 24th, 2020

Amazon's flying home patrol
2020 has brought us some wild surprises, and tech is no exception.

Yesterday, Amazon held its hardware event and announced new products. One of the most innovative announcements is the Always Home Cam, a flying security camera for your home and it’s pretty wild.

Ring (owned by Amazon) launched an autonomous drone that can fly through your home giving you a view of whatever room you want without having to install cameras everywhere. Instead of getting multiple security cameras, get one that flies around your house on preset paths. And if you were wondering, no, you can't control it manually.

If you missed the full Amazon event yesterday, here’s a short version of everything that happened:

Amazon redesigned Echo and Echo Dot giving it a spherical look; revealed the new Echo Show 10 that now supports Netflix, and showed off a new cloud gaming service called Luna. 🎮

Ring announced the flying Always Home Cam, Car Cam, and other security improvements. 🚨

Amazon also updated Fire TV Stick, Eero 6, and Eero Pro 6, as well as unveiling multiple Alexa improvements including a new chip AZ1 Neural Edge and Alexa Guard Plus security monitoring system. 🗣

Would you feel safer with a drone in your home or will it end up as target practice for house cats everywhere? 😺
Show me the drone
This little app helps you get into the flow.

Petr Nagy coded this online radio with 4 different channels streaming handpicked copyright-free music without ads or any annoyances.

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