Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 6th, 2020

Startup ideas (generated by AI)
GPT-3 keeps making headlines. While it’s still not publicly available, beta testers have been showing us what’s possible. Humans are creative and all, but the next revolutionary idea may not come from us. 🤯

Yesterday, serial maker and Golden Kitty Award Winner, Pieter Levels, launched IdeasAI, a GPT-3 powered startup idea generator.

Taking good ideas from existing startups, the app uses an autoregressive language model with deep learning to generate new product and business ideas so you don’t have to.

At the time of this writing, it generated over 3,720 ideas. There are some bizarre and obvious ideas (“the first real-time CRM,” really AI?) that may not turn into anything useful, but humans, like you or I, can help judge the quality and improve the app by liking and disliking suggestions.

“So if you like an idea, you can claim it, pay $99 and it gets removed from the site. (kinda like those hip hop beat sell sites).” – explains Levels.

This could be a useful tool for makers to come up with side project ideas or even inspire the next big thing.

There are several specific GPT-3 applications applied to web development, marketing, copywriting, and other practical applications. But we're most excited about the counter-intuitive, non-obvious uses of this (and GPT-4) technology.

If you’re looking for more fun experiments with OpenAI’s model, we featured some cool solutions featuring the *game-changing* cake detecting app and tons more.
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