Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 5th, 2018

NEW Product Hunt app for iOS and Android 📱🤖

"Hey @rrhoover, when are we getting @ProductHunt Android app?" –Mubaris, an Android user

Good news, Mubaris! We’ve been working hard on a shiny new Product Hunt mobile app, rebuilt from scratch.

The new app is wicked fast, simplified with a focus on products, and (by popular demand) available on both iOS AND Android. We’re aiming to win a Golden Kitty (and a selfie with Justin Timberlake) this year.

If you’d like early access to the app, sign up here. We’re also giving away Philz Coffee swag to the most helpful and engaged beta testers. 😺

get early access 😻

#TabHoarderProblems: when a random site with an Intercom widget starts making noises, and it takes foreeeever to find.

So, a frustrated dev built a Chrome extension that permanently disables annoying sounds from Intercom. Your future self will thank you.

If you want to end your tab hoarding problems forever, here's a beautiful Golden Kitty winning app that will crush your addiction.