Enhancing yourself has never been easier

Explore human enhancement and biohacking with HVMN. Discover the world's first ketone ester, nootropics, and chewable coffee. Learn the science behind exogenous ketones, ketosis, and fasting.

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This looks cool
@gabriel__lewis thanks! We have a lot of R&D in the pipeline that we hope to show you soon !
The rebranding of Nootrobox is interesting and while not surprising to distance from "nootropics" and the limiting "box" , hvmn pronounced human is only more like a license plate to figure out (hymen? hvac installer?). Great products though.
Just joined the FB community. I'm in SF and getting started with this. Looking forward to events and future products
I've been using Nootrobox for the last year. I've found their products to be great! Looking forward to their new products and software.
@jeremy_pinnix Great to hear! Excited to release what's next in the pipeline..
Can't think of a more exciting team right now than these folks. The move to a broader human enhancement scope makes a ton of sense given they focus just as much, if not more, on intermittent fasting compared to nootropics. I agree with their premise that the human body is the next platform for innovation. Congrats to Geoff, Michael, Paul et al! And nice job bringing Brianna into the team too.
@brendonto Thanks! We're excited for the position this puts us in for what's next.