Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 3rd, 2020

Is this the next Patreon?

Recently Cent launched a Patreon competitor to support not only creators but also early backers.

Today creators have so many ways to make money on the internet, but it's still very hard. Artists have been shapeshifting to adjust to new platforms and scale up their audiences to monetize their content.

With Cent, the creator and their work is at the forefront. The system is designed to provide income for both the creator and the fan through two mechanisms:

1. ‘Seed a Creator’ and get rewarded
2. ‘Spot’ a post, and show you like it.

By backing creators early on, fans can also “earn” in their eventual upside. That incentivizes fans to become evangelists, meaning everyone wins in the production of new creative work.

The PH community certainly seems intrigued:

“This is the most interesting thing on Product Hunt today, imo" - Ryan

“I've seeded five creators and got seeded by five users, so far so good.” - Samuel

“Cent has one of the coolest concepts I've come across recently. It's like Patreon on-the-go where you can support your favorite creators.” - Hady

It’s early days for Cent, and we’ll be watching to see how their beta is received, but it’s a promising step towards funding the arts in a sustainable way.

“Many creators not only share their final work, but document the steps that went into creating it. Fans seem to really connect with creators more as they learn more about their process, and it's also the perfect way for aspiring creators to learn. I think this is missing on other platforms,” Pavan, the maker said.
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