Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 25th, 2020

The news you're not seeing

Today’s Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Ground News. 

Ground News has a new approach to the news with meta-coverage. With social media making it easier than ever to get lost in an echo chamber, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to trust all of the news in our feeds online. To help readers avoid biases in the media, Ground News has launched a news comparison platform, a tool that looks at your biases and a newsletter that covers blindspots for both the left and the right.

A look inside Ground News:

👀 The Blindspot Report highlights the most biased stories of the week. If your politics lean left, you likely don’t know that the president hit his highest approval rating last week. And if they bend to the right, you probably didn’t hear that Antarctica just hit the highest temperature on record. Find out what you (and your agree-to-disagree neighbor) missed in the news this week. Subscribe. 👈

🌏 Coverage analysis goes beyond left/right news and tracks stories across space and time (well, across news locations and publishing times). With this tool, next time a story like #Pizzagate (the conspiracy theory about satanic paedophilia at a pizza joint) comes at you, know where it originally came from.

🗞 My News Bias shows you your own inclinations and preference for certain types of news, outlets and topics. Ground News has put together a one-week diagnostic that analyzes your reading patterns and gives you a report of what, how and where you consume.

To see more on how news is collected, labeled, and delivered, check out Ground News on Product Hunt.

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