Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 2nd, 2020

NEW from Product Hunt

TLDR; We launched something new.

Since Product Hunt launched in 2013, we’ve seen more than 150,000 products launch on the platform, upvoted by millions of people and discovered by several million more.

But we have many more ideas we want to explore around product discovery independent of So we quietly started working on a new site and brand last year, taking our learnings from the past six years to build something new that we hope you’ll enjoy. We’re calling it YourStack and it’s a place to share and discover the products you use and love.

Why did we build this? The products we use have a major influence on our lives, and today we have more options than ever. Right now, we’re turning to our friends and experts offline and on broader social networks like Twitter and Instagram to ask things like:

“What workout apps do you use?” 

“Which smart home security system do you have?”

“What do you use to make coffee in the morning?”

“Which tools do you use to manage your startup’s distributed team?”

“What’s your favorite book on psychology?”

Our goal with YourStack is to create a home for these conversations, along with a community of people sharing and discovering the products they love. ❤️

How it works:

  • Everyone has a profile to showcase their stack (aka the products they use). For example, here’s Ryan Hoover’s stack. Who knew he was such a big fan of the Corosi Air Fryer? And here’s Naval’s stack. TIL he’s a Rumble Boxing fan.
  • Your stack might include things like the apps on your home screen, a book that changed your perspective, your favorite smart home gadget or your favorite beauty accessory. The more products you stack, the more useful YourStack becomes. 
  • You can also use our ‘Pro Tips’ feature to learn new things about the products you already use. For example, did you know you check your AirPods’ battery level on your iPhone? Or did you know about the hidden ‘Concerts’ feature on Spotify? Pro tips are like a community-generated user manual of secrets, hacks, and how-tos. 

Similar to Product Hunt’s launch six years ago, we’re limiting the number of people that can join as we gather feedback and improve the product. Join us and share your stack.

Go to YourStack

What does an internet treasure hunt look like? This. 🤔