Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 12th, 2017

Explore your city on Hoodmaps 🗺😆
Over the weekend, serial maker (of the year winner) Pieter Levels launched his latest product, and it's pretty awesome.

Hoodmaps is a crowdsourced map that divides cities into categories. When you get to a new city and want to know where to go (besides the touristy stuff, marked as red), pull up the map and get a quick overview of what a city is really about. It's especially great for locals.

Early users have spent hours marking up hundreds of cities. In San Francisco (above) 647 people have drawn 105k spots, correctly marking the Mission as Hipster (orange), SOMA as offices (blue), Pacific Heights, Twin Peaks, and the rest of SF is expensive (green). You can also tag interesting spots, like Peter Thiel's house near the Palace of Fine Arts.

Check out your city on Hoodmaps, and Pieter's opening comment on where the idea came about. 🙌
Explore Hoodmaps 🗺
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