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September 5th, 2016

Today is "Fight Procrastination Day" 💥🎩💪
Today is Fight Procrastination Day (really), a day that we celebrate by getting 💩 done.

Now, procrastination (and #HashtagDays) may be the bane of our existence, but we have the technology to combat our natural inclination to put things off with these:

🏃 Escape tracks all your unnecessary trips to distracting websites
🎩 Jarvis is a Messenger bot that reminds you to get stuff done
🙇 One Big Thing makes sure you'll focus on your biggest task 
📻 Radio Silence blocks apps that make unwanted network connections
👥 HazeOver dims your background windows so you focus on one task at a time

Also, today is the day to test out Go F🙈cking Work.
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