Product Hunt Weekly Digest
September 15th, 2019

You’re being watched 👀

Over the past several years, a myriad of doodads, apps and wearables have cropped up to help with our (collective) poor posture. It turns out most people slouch more as they stare at a computer screen all day.

Most recently there was Postura, a Headspace-like app with daily stretches for your back. There’s also been personal posture trainers, a portable laptop stand for neck alignment, posture monitors to wear, and an ergonomic arm rest for shoulder pain.

But what about something that — like your mom who yelled at you to stand up straight — literally watches you?

Last week, Fix Posture launched on Product Hunt with a ~creative~ tactic to solve your slouch.

The app was made by UX designer Olesya Chernyavskaya, and it simply blurs your screen if you don’t maintain good form while you work. How? It checks your position using your webcam.

Rightfully so, some people had some concerns about your webcam so brazenly watching you.

“Really nice concept and idea! But obviously the app needs the webcam on all the time. That's a hard no from me.” - Arda

However, the app claims to store no user information, and Olesya is upfront about building the app in public on Glitch.

This isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen a health app that wants to watch you. Two weeks ago, a digital training app called Onyx launched to count your reps, correct your form and bring tracking to all of your exercise.

Fix your posture

Product News! 😻

Spotify acquired SoundBetterSpotify for recipes launched. Zyl raises $1.1M to show you your forgotten photos. Kuda, an online-only bank in Nigeria, nabs $1.6M. Mitto, a payment card and app for Gen Z teens, just raised its seed round. And Shopify for dispensaries gets $15M. 

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