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September 15th, 2019

The Dribbble of personal sites

There’s something special about personal websites. When you own a site that’s your first name + your last name dot com (or some variation of that), you can showcase yourself however you want — independent of social media profiles and old-school resumes.

If this already has you thinking about how your personal site could use a makeover — good news. HUMANS is full of #inspo. 🙌

Over the weekend, HUMANS launched a curated gallery of beautifully designed personal websites. It’s a little like Dribbble and a little like Pinterest, in that it’s essentially a mood board of gorgeous personal pages. Click into any page, and you’ll find the site’s color palette, a design overview, and the tech used to make the website (i.e. React, Angular, Vue, Wordpress, Wix, etc.).

Maker Koby Ofek says he decided to build HUMANS after needing inspiration for his own site (he still hasn’t built his personal site because he’s been so busy building this).

“I knew I wanted to created something from scratch and I didn't want to copy anybody's design, but I definitely needed some inspiration. I wanted to see what kind of things people are building online for themselves, and most importantly, I wanted to see what people like me are building - designers, developers, the people who build the internet” - Koby

To find sites for the gallery, Koby says he looked through awards sites, Dribbble, Behnace and Twitter. 👀

Now, Makers can submit their own site to be featured on HUMANS.

We want to see your personal sites! Show them to us here. 👋

Personal Website Inspo

Product News! 😻

Spotify acquired SoundBetterSpotify for recipes launched. Zyl raises $1.1M to show you your forgotten photos. Kuda, an online-only bank in Nigeria, nabs $1.6M. Mitto, a payment card and app for Gen Z teens, just raised its seed round. And Shopify for dispensaries gets $15M. 

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