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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2019
A curated gallery featuring the world's best personal websites. The list consists of projects built with various technologies and services: React, Angular, Vue, WP and even Wix or sites. Find inspiration to build your perfect personal homepage.
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How did you find the websites to make this list?
@ameliagruber Just re-answering here, as I commented on this elsewhere. My main origins for sourcing site ideas were: Award sites - mainly awwwards, cssdesignawards and FWA. Design social networks - sites like Behance & Dribbble Design magazines like Smashing Magazine. Social media accounts (mainly Twitter) of web designers Product Hunt - to check which sites are listed on the profiles of prolific makers and hunters My personal network of people telling me about cool personal sites they stumbled upon Since launching, I received dozens of site submissions online. I'll do my best to review them all (contact me if you want to help), and get them up to the site as soon as I can. I also mentioned before that my criteria for acceptance isn't necessarily to have only the best looking personal websites, but to include a variety of styles, services and technologies to see what's actually there and what are people currently doing to design their personal homes on the web. Thank you all for taking the time to submit sites, review, upvote and get inspiration.
Do you have a personal website (your own domain, your design etc.) ?
Yap. That's my home on the internet.
Nah, People can look me up on social and that's good enough for me!
I had one, but I'm not updating it any longer. It's a graveyard :(
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What a great idea for a project, I love exploring people's personal sites, they have so much more personality than social media profiles. And thank you for including mine, it was a nice surprise coming across it while exploring the site! 😄
@jamesdaly90 I agree that personal sites hold the potential for much more versatility and creativeness than any social profile. While exploring different sites, I encountered some really jaw dropping examples of personal creativity. Thank you for making them!
I like the idea. Things that I would add: - login feature / personal account to keep things that I like (I'm not sure about where do things I upvote are saved right now) - commenting - user photos
@ianlarsen17 Thanks for the feedback. - Commenting is coming. Already got it up on the dev version. Should be up soon. - Authentication - I'm kind of hesitating. Currently users' upvotes are saved on Local Storage. I don't want to make things too complicated. - I actually do pull user photos from social media accounts via API. You can see them when you click on the website screenshot. Maybe I'll incorporate them more tightly in the future. I don't want to make the UI too dense.
This can also double as a search engine for web designers or developers. When you see what they are doing for themselves, it's a great way to discover someone who can help you with your project.
@malcolmserge That's exactly what I was thinking when making it! I'm thinking about making some functionality to approach the site owner to hire him or her. What do you think?