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July 10th, 2024
Multiplayer email

Happy Hump Day! Today’s product highlight has been sponsored by our good friends at Superhuman and crafted by us. Before we get to that though…

Here’s some headlines: 

📸 Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri has said the app will stick to short-form video.

🤖Anthropic added a prompt playground to Claude to improve your apps. 

👀 Microsoft has given up its observe role on OpenAI’s board, citing progress.

*Today’s highlight has been crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at Superhuman.
Email finally gets collaborative, like everything else

Did you know that, on average, we email three hours daily? I know. It feels longer to me, too. Email is one of the technologies we use most, but compared to others, it hasn’t innovated at the same pace. Unlike tools for design, development, or writing, email isn’t collaborative.

Say you just received an email about a potential sponsorship and want to discuss it with the rest of your sales team. Right now, you have a few options: you can hop on a call (expensive, annoying, time-consuming). You can paste screenshots into Slack (goodbye, context). Or, you can forward emails (all the emails). Then, the chances of someone accidentally hitting ‘reply all’ with sensitive info rise dramatically. These email bottlenecks slow your team down and are risky, but we’ve lived with them for years. 

That’s why the Superhuman team knuckled down and decided to reimagine what emails would look like if they were made to be collaborative by default. The result is Superhuman 2.0.

Superhuman 2.0 adds a suite of multiplayer features designed to modernize email. Here’s the low down: 

Live view: You can now share a live view of any email with your team, so no more meetings, screenshots, forwarding, or pinging someone’s DMs. As new emails come in, the team will automatically be updated.

Conversation links: You can now drop a link to your email in whatever app your team uses, and they can jump on board and start collaborating. There is no need for everyone to be a Superhuman user, either. 

Commenting: You know those comments that folks can add in other team apps? Superhuman has that now, too. Tag in teammates to get questions answered and unblock progress directly where the work is happening.

Superhuman’s big goal is to help you rapidly unblock progress by including your team where the work happens. If you want to give it a shot, Superhuman is giving the Product Hunt community two months free until July 31st. 


If you’ve ever been tasked with migrating a large-scale product between databases, you probably know the frustration and stress that can come with it. It usually involves adopting new technology, creating new database schemas, rewiring logic, rewriting queries, and migrating potentially millions of records.

Tony Dang, co-founder of Infisical, a tool that helps Node.js teams sync and manage their environment variables, recently embarked on this journey with his startup. He and his team planned out every step before making the move from MongoDB to PostgreSQL, and since he posted his experience, we all get to benefit from it.



Pieces Copilot+ is a real-time, on-device AI assistant. You can ask it anything about what’s on your screen and the AI can summarize content, resolve coding issues, and streamline your work.

Audioscribe is a free and open-source AI tool for turning speech into structured notes. Just open the app, start speaking, and watch as it turns it into a note ready to be references. 


Kaleidoscope 5.0 is a Mac app for developers to easily compare different Git branches, tags, and commits of your projects.

Gepchat lets you transform any text field on your Mac into a ChatGPT-4o channel, or use it as a native chat interface.


4242 pro is a game that turns the mundane task of entering test credit card details into a high-stakes competition. Race against the clock and show off your skills

What beats Rock is like an infinite version of the classick rock, paper, scissors game. The goal is to top whatever answer came before your answer. If paper beats rock, then what beats paper? 

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