Friend NDA Generator

An NDA generator for you and your friend's secret

Ever wanted to share a confidential secret? You can now share the secret with legal protection!
Note: if you have signed an NDA ahead, this may not apply. Do share your secret with caution.
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If you need to sign an NDA with a friend they're not really your friend. Also a judge would throw a silly NDA out of court.
@xstex tru that! So we should all be careful with sharing our secrets
@xstex Not necessarily, quite jurisdictionally dependent. Can throw in a compulsory arbitration clause for good measure though.
stephen good thing
FrieNDA, genius.
@gregjwww Thanks, Greg! 😎
Looks like the site is down. Too many secrets.
@rrhoover fixed! No secrets were spilled. 🀫
Cool idea! PS I think 4th or 5th slide has wrong text on it.
@kossnocorp Thanks for letting us know! Just fixed that πŸ™ˆ
I absolutely love this idea! Great to see you launch.
@dmitrykotlyarenko thanks! glad to send my first website out into the world 🀝