Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 29th, 2017

Best. Landing Page. Ever.
Every so often a true gem comes along, for something very specific. Peek is one of those products, and it has the one of the best landing pages we’ve seen this year. It's clearly well designed, and the copy is brilliant.

The first thing you'll notice is in big bold letters: "Insert attractive marketing jargon." You'll navigate through the different sections, learn more about the product, appreciate the team's obvious design skills (and laugh quite a bit).

By the end, both marketers and engineers will wish they were as bold as the makers of Peek.
Best. Landing Page. Ever.
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AI builders: There's a new security standard in town and you'll need to find out what it is, if you need it, and how it works.

ISO 42001 was introduced by the International Standards Organization so that companies can demonstrate their security practices around AI in a verifiable way.

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