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...best landing page this year. I lost it at "Peek is available on App Store and we don't give a single fuck about Google Play Store, yet."
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@simeonduke wow, thanks so much for the support!
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@simeonduke What about? Is it available for Android since there is a huge install base there?
@androidlove stay tuned for Android
@simeonduke I love the humour. And as an Android user I'll say - "what a coincidence"
You got me at "Privacy" & "Terms of Agreement" :D
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Lol @ the landing page copy
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@rrhoover we're glad you liked it🤘
@rrhoover Kitty Award nomination for best landing page. Seriously
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Hey We're just two rebels trying to create extremely cool stuff. Hope you like it. A
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Installed it, used it for 2.5 minutes; saw a lot of lonely dudes in their bedrooms looking at the smartphone camera. Uninstalled it.
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@lyondhur I laughed so hard. You're exactly right, concern is correct, that will be the case for today I presume. The main motivation behind peek is showing others what you do, where you are, letting people join in your experiences. We'll be glad to have you back anytime. Thanks for your comment.
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@lyondhur Oh Yeah! Your response is doing the rounds of my FB account.
@arda_yaman Best of luck with the project mate. I guess more than the app itself, you lads seem to have the bet spirit behind the work (which counts more than people know).
Good fun! Peek is chatroulette for mobile - a gallery of confused looking early-adopters and VCs trying to figure out what's going on - no hot dogs, yet
@iankennedy "yet" was a good call, thanks!