Spectacles 3

Snapchats latest update to their Spectacles range

Spectacles 3 features dual HD cameras, designed to capture depth and dimension the way your eyes do. Precision-crafted from a single sheet of high-strength stainless steel, the lightweight metal frame is engineered for elegance, durability and comfort.
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I made several of the shots in this launch video (I'm the one holding the mirror in the first few shots and took some of the 3D and AR shots later on in the video). Can confirm 100% it's working hardware. Super impressed by the form factor, as it's really quite flattering on a wide range of face shapes, and most of all stoked that they fit really well on Asian faces (which few glasses or sunglasses do).
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@karenxcheng could you tell us more about the 3D and AR shots. Are the AR features build into the Spectacles, or added after in the app?
@karenxcheng I didn't realize Asian faces were so different it affected the fit of sunglasses. That's interesting, if unfortunate.
@blondinmikkel It's the nose fit! We have lower nose bridges
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@tomashertus Spectacles hardware captures the 3D information and then the AR effects are added afterwards in the app
from the first version that was like 150 to 370 :/ yikes
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I know many people are cynical about Spectacles but I'm glad to see Snap continue to invest in hardware. The LA-based startup has always done things different. Will you buy a pair of Spectacles v3?
Not sure
No way
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@rrhoover I have a pair of V2 (original, not the Nico/Veronica - wish they were polarized, though). Love the fundamentals. Snap have really come through on the software, too. I submitted feedback asking for 3D and USB-C on V3, so nice. This design though...I just want an awesome face camera, not a fashion statement with a good face camera. VR180 would have been more useful than AR filters. No from me. :-/
@rrhoover Pre-ordered. Excited for the new design with more stable looking nose pads compared to previous models.
@rrhoover @joshuatalley VR180 would have been hella cool! That was my first impression of the ideal feature list when I heard these had dual cameras.
Honestly, looks beautiful. I am not sure that I could afford buying this thing but I would defiantly would love too try it out.
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Liking the new styles with this update. Spectacles are now fashion forward it seems
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